Success Story: ZYQ Engineering: Seeing Success with IBS

Humans are inventive by nature. When necessary, we develop creative ways to meet the challenges in time of need. One such innovation is the Industrialised Building System (IBS) – a home-grown term to describe the use of automation, mechanisation and prefabrication of components for the building industry in Malaysia.

One person who has capitalised on the adaptability of IBS is none other than Mohd Zikri Md Zaini, Founder and CEO of ZYQ Engineering. He states that his company’s success is based on his faith on IBS, which allows the production of cheaper, heat resistant, durable, environmentally sustainable, innovative and flexibly designed homes. By utilising the flexibility of IBS, ZYQ Engineering has successfully built more than 200 dwellings for clients throughout peninsular Malaysia – many built at a fraction of the cost of conventional building methods.

What makes the homes even special is that ZYQ Engineering uses its own brand of IBS structure produced by their own subsidiary company, ZYQ Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, which has been approved by CIDB, SIRIM and the Fire and Rescue Department, located in Saujana Utama, Sg Buloh.

“IBS can help reduce manpower by up to 30% compared to conventional method, while reduce material cost such as cement, bricks and sand up to 50%.”  said Mohd Zikri further.

Dato’ Ir Ahmad ‘Asri Abdul Hamid, CEO of CIDB Malaysia and a keen advocate of IBS said, “IBS is one way to transform the building industry and we encourage people to join the IBS field. We have witnessed a new company, led by a young MD, who in my opinion has taken a proactive and courageous step by investing almost RM1 million to build an IBS factory. So, for me, this is an appropriate step inline with what we have promoted and desired in the building industry.”

“The advantage of IBS is that projects are finished faster,” he says. “You have faster delivery, and the quality is much better because you are making components in a controlled environment so the quality is much easier to monitor. Productivity also goes up. A project that normally takes a year can take merely six months using IBS.”

Starting Off with A Dream

When Mohd Zikri Md Zaini started his company in 2012, he had to overcome many hurdles by putting in years of hard work and substantial amount of his own savings to bring his company to where it is today. He would not have imagined that his company will be part of the disruptive technology that’s changing the construct and build industry. Zikri also admires his dedicated team of 30 who has been with him through thick and thin.


“If you want to build an empire, you can’t work alone,” he confides.

For now his challenge is to educate the public on the advantages of IBS methods of construction since many are still not convinced that IBS can be used to build houses, let alone last. Zikri also has to face the wrath of many who have been cheated by irresponsible developers. He and his team spends much time convincing that his company is here to stay and make a difference to the lives of many customers who want houses built within their
budget and taste, but don’t know who to turn to.

A quick survey by Zikri and his team find a 100% owner satisfaction on houses built by his company using its own IBS materials. His dream is to cover the entire country and help low income house buyers to own a house completed according to his company’s tastefully designed layouts.

For his drive and vision in making a difference, ZYQ Engineering was the Winner of ‘Asean Rice Bowl Startup Awards’ under the “Best Smart City Solution” category.


[February 28, 2018]


This article is part of  CIDB Success Story series.