Info kit for homeowners to assess quality of their home


KUALA LUMPUR: The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia has released a free information kit for homeowners on assessing the quality of one’s home using Quality Assessment System in Construction (QLASSIC) methods.


The ‘Quality Guidebook for Homeowners’ was launched by Works Minister Dato’ Sri Fadillah Yusof during the QLASSIC Day 2017 on 21 August 2017. Also present at the event was Chief Executive of CIDB Malaysia Dato’ Ir. Ahmad ‘Asri Abdul Hamid.


QLASSIC is a system and method to assess and evaluate the quality of workmanship of building projects based on the Construction Industry Standard (CIS 7), and was established as a means to objectively compare the quality of workmanship between construction projects through a scoring system.


The guidebook introduces QLASSIC to homeowners and gives them tips on assessing the quality of workmanship of their new property. The guidebook helps new homeowners to ensure their properties conform to good quality standards.


It contains guidance for the homeowners on how to carry out their own assessment, or to understand the process while being carried out by professional assessors hired by them.


The 36-page guidebook covers topics such as introducing QLASSIC to the homeowners, understanding the self-assessment procedures, how to be prepared for the self-assessment and the simple tools needed for the assessment.


In addition, the guidebook provides homeowners with tips and checklist on how to carry out the self-assessment. It includes assessment methods for floor, wall, ceiling, door, window and fixture, and for basic M&E fittings.


The guidebook also offers general and specific tips, as well as FAQs on self-assessment and on home buyers claims tribunal.


Copy of the guidebook can be downloaded here.


[14 September 2017]