2015: Collaboration Events

19 October 2015
54 industry leaders took part in CITP pledge signing in Malacca
In tandem with Malacca Green City initiative, 54 construction players came together to be part of CITP’s implementation plan.

Press Release

Politeknik Merlimau Melaka
Syarikat Air Melaka Berhad (SAMB)
Kumpulan Melaka Berhad (KMB)
Perbadanan Kemajuan Tanah Adat Melaka (PERTAM)
The Institution Of Engineers Malaysia – Melaka Branch
Real Estate And Housing Developers Association – Melaka Branch (REHDA-Melaka)
Persatuan Kontraktor Melayu Malaysia (PKMM) Negeri Melaka
Usiss Sdn Bhd
Malacca Building Contractors Association (MBCA)
Jurutera Perunding Spce Sdn Bhd
O & L Jurutera Perunding Sdn Bhd
Ciri Selasih Sdn Bhd
Hatten Group Sdn Bhd
KAJ Development Sdn Bhd
GJH Builders Sdn Bhd
Konsortium Kontraktor Melayu (Melaka) Berhad
Kejuruteraan Asas Jaya Sdn Bhd
Nada Cekal Sdn Bhd
Montane Construction Sdn Bhd
TYT Builders Sdn Bhd
Syntax Valley Sdn Bhd
LPHK Builder Sdn Bhd
Maysign Network Sdn Bhd
Parkland City Sdn Bhd
Patih Villa Sdn Bhd
Lai Pau Construction Sdn Bhd
Premium Maju Sdn Bhd
YKH Home Builder Sdn Bhd
Idea Bagus Enterprise
Earning Base Sdn Bhd
Sealiran Maju Bena Sdn Bhd
Herald Accord Sdn Bhd
Ambang Jitu Tech Sdn Bhd
Tanjung Ratna Sdn Bhd
Atlasinar Sdn Bhd
Qemudi Nekad Resources
Rintiz Rezky (M) Sdn Bhd
Fixmill Enterprise Sdn Bhd
Tasek Haza Engineering & Services Sdn Bhd
Lincah Dinamik Sdn Bhd
SR Puncak Dinamik Sdn Bhd
SASB Maju Enterprise
Kukuh Sama Sdn Bhd
HNH Construction & Services Sdn Bhd
HSA Cartel Freight Management Sdn Bhd
Power Structure Sdn Bhd
Target Heights Sdn Bhd
Paling Yakin Sdn Bhd
CMCS Engineering Specialist Sdn Bhd
MLCL Construction Sdn Bhd
Tan Heng Chew Building Contractor Sdn Bhd
Unitedhome Construction Sdn Bhd
CP Loi Architect
NTQT Sdn Bhd

5 October 2015
23 CIDB management team signed up to implement CITP
3 September 2015
6 MOW Agencies signed CITP Pledges
Leading by example, six agencies under the Ministry of Works (MOW) were the first to come on board to commit to CITP with pledges.

Press Release

Public Works Department
Malaysian Highway Authority
Board of Architects Malaysia
Board of Engineers Malaysia
Board of Quantity Surveyors Malaysia
Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia