1. Why is construction important to the economy?
2. What is the aim of CITP?
3. How were CITP’s four thrusts selected?
4. What is transformational in the CITP?
5. Who was involved in the development of CITP?
6. How were stakeholders engaged in the development of the CITP?
7. How will the industry benefit from CITP?
8. Will CITP result in the increase in cost of doing business for the industry?
9. How will Malaysia benefit from CITP?
10. How will the success of CITP be measured?
11. What is the governance structure for CITP?
12. How is implementation of CITP funded?
13. What happens when new opportunities or issues arise while CITP is being implemented?
14. What is CIDB’s role with regards to CITP?
15. What are some of the challenges in the implementation of CITP and how does the CITP plan to overcome them?
16. How can I participate in implementing CITP?

Please reach out to the CITP PMO at 03-4047 727103-4047 7271 or email pmo@cidb.gov.my for further information.

23 May 2017