Robust Governance

CITP recognises three key enablers required to sustain the momentum of the CITP implementation and in fulfilling its objectives, aspirations and outcome by 2020.

Governance is the second CITP enabler.

While good governance is about making good decision processes and implementing them effectively as well as proper oversight and accountability, CITP governance also ensures that roadblocks, challenges and issues in the industry are collectively addressed, quickly and effectively. The result is robust governance.

The governance structure developed for the CITP, from the prime minister right down to industry players, offers sufficient leadership and focus and provides the necessary mechanisms to implement initiatives put forward by the CITP. There are four levels in the CITP governance structure, where issues, roadblocks and challenges escalate to higher levels for resolution while policies and decisions cascade down to lower levels for action.

With robust governance in place, this enabler facilitates the process of ensuring CITP achieves its KPIs and the outcomes by the end of 2020.

Relevant ministries and agencies play an important role in CITP implementation as they are tasked with important initiatives such as enhancing regulation, aligning funding, coordinating with state bodies and improving procurement processes. These ministries and agencies have indicated their commitment to deliver CITP.

The private sector, invaluable to the governance structure, contributes to CITP by representing their industry in giving ideas and mobilise their peers into action as part of implementing the transformation.

The governance structure comprises 4 levels.

The Structure


Majlis Pembangunan Negara

Chairman: YAB Prime Minister


CITP Ministerial Committee (CITP-MC)

Chairman: Minister of Works
Members: KKR, MOF, MITI, KDN, KSM, KPKT, MESTECC, EPU, JKR, ICU, CIDB, & Industry Leaders


Inter-Government Collaboration (IGC)

Chairman: Dato’ Dr Omar Syarifuddin
Inter-Government Collaboration

Thrust Working Group (TWG)

Chairman: Tan Sri Dr. Ir. Ahmad Tajuddin Ali
Industry Collaboration

Pengurusan Pelaksanaan Program (PPP)

Chairman: Dato’ Ir. Ahmad ‘Asri Abdul Hamid
Inter-Division Collaboration


4 Sponsor Working Groups (CITP-SWG)

SWG 1 (12KPI)

SWG 2 (8KPI)

SWG 3 (3KPI)

SWG 4 (3KPI)

Members: Owner, OIC, PMO, SME Buddy & SME Pool of relevant KPI

23 May 2017