Effective Industry Collaborations

CITP recognises three key enablers required to sustain the momentum of the CITP implementation and in fulfilling its objectives, aspirations and outcome by 2020.

Collaboration is the first CITP enabler.

CITP’s tagline, “Driving Construction Excellence Together”, reflects the vital need to work together towards achieving a common goal in realising CITP’s outcome by 2020. Thus making effective collaboration among industry stakeholders in both the public and private sector crucial in ensuring smooth implementation on CITP programmes and initiatives towards meeting the targets.

In order to ensure strong industry alignment, it is essential that all stakeholders are brought in, offer support and actively involved in the initiatives proposed in the CITP. Active and effective collaborations are sought from those who are able to contribute in areas that are within their purview, knowledge, skills and specialisations.

In driving the transformation of the construction industry, CITP implementation has involved a broad spectrum of industry associations, leaders & experts; government ministries & agencies; research institutions & the academia; and many others.

Naturally, industry players are critical in CITP’s implementation as many initiatives are to be led and supported by them. They are strongly represented in the Thrust Working Groups and Initiative Working Groups.

Many key industry players have committed to CITP collaboration as they see its potential, value and benefit, not just to their respective organisations, but more importantly to the future of the industry and country.

Collaborations are secured through signing of pledges, Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC), Memorandum of Agreements (MoA) and others.

CITP continues to seek many more meaningful and effective collaborations.

20 November 2017
9 local universities and companies collaborate with myBIM
myBIM Centre launched by Minister of Works Dato’ Sri Fadillah Yusof sees CIDB enter into several MoUs with numerous parties, including 5 local universities and 3 construction companies, to improve the myBIM centre and develop satellite centres. The satellite centres provide myBIM training according to the modules set by myBIM

myBIM satellites
Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UNIMAP)
Universiti Malaysia Pahang
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Universiti Sains Malaysia

MOU with myBIM partners
Autodesk Asia Ptd Ltd
Bina Initiatives Sdn Bhd
Cubicost by Glodon Software Sdn Bhd

MOU on Research & Development
Universiti Malaya

28 September 2017
100 local authorities engaged in CITP
Some 100 local council officers from across the nation attended a briefing and interaction session on the Construction Industry Development Programme (CITP) on September 28, 2017, to understand the significance of their roles in achieving the nation’s construction aspirations by 2020. The session was organised by the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government (KPKT) and CIDB Malaysia.

14 September 2017
JKR-CIDB Collaboration – JKR Driving Construction Transformation Through Public Projects
The Public Works Department (JKR) reaffirmed its commitment to spearhead the highest standards of quality in construction as part of its overall strategy to realise the goals of the Construction Industry Transformation Programme (CITP) 2016-2020. JKR and 5 other agencies were among the first to sign the CITP Pledge in 2015.

25 April 2017
53 construction players in Penang pledged to support CITP
In Penang, 53 construction industry leaders and players signed pledges of support for CITP. They joined 219 other industry players around the country that has signed the CITP pledge.

Press Release

Ann Joo Steel Berhad
Bahagian Pembangunan Kontraktor Dan Usahawan, Kementerian Kerja Raya
Bertam Properties Sdn Bhd
BNB Construction Sdn Bhd
Builtech Project Management Sdn Bhd
Colourland Paints Sdn Bhd
Construction Labour Exchange Centre Berhad (CLAB)
Critical M&E Engineering Sdn Bhd
Daya Qurban Saintifik Sdn Bhd
DV Engineering Sdn Bhd
Enerpower Electrical Engineering Sdn Bhd
Era Alpha Sdn Bhd
Fac Mec Engineering Sdn Bhd
G.C Timur Sdn Bhd
GHL Construction Sdn Bhd
Goldbridge Engineering & Construction
Grouplite Engineering Sdn Bhd
HPB Testing Unit, School Of Housing, Building And Planning (USM)
Infinity Prospect (M) Sdn Bhd
Jabatan Kerja Raya Negeri Pulau Pinang
Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran Wilayah Utara
Jamil Ghani Construction Sdn Bhd
Jing Kwew Construction Sdn Bhd
Kamen Steel Industries Sdn Bhd
Kongres Kesatuan Sekerja Malaysia Bahagian Pulau Pinang (MTUC)
Lama Tile (Utara) Sdn Bhd
Lembaga Kemajuan Wilayah Pulau Pinang (PERDA)
Majlis Perbadanan Seberang Perai
Najcom Sdn Bhd
Ooi Wan Lye Sdn Bhd
Penang Development Corporation
Penang Master Builders & Building Materials Dealers
Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang
Perbadanan Produktiviti Malaysia (MPC) Wilayah Utara
Perdanika Berhad
Persatuan Kontraktor Melayu Cawangan Pulau Pinang
PLB-KH Bina Sdn Bhd
Prai Construction & Mechanical Engineering
Pro Tech Enterprise Sdn Bhd
SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd (Penang)
Smartpipe Technology Sdn Bhd
Southern Steel Berhad
Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara Wilayah Utara
Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia Pulau Pinang
Technological Association Malaysia
Tekas Jaya Sdn Bhd
Ten-Tel and Construction Sdn Bhd
Thrustmarine (Malaysia) Dredging Sdn Bhd
Tidalmarine Engineering Sdn Bhd
Uda Land (North) Sdn Bhd
Umpan Jaya Sdn Bhd
Viewplex (M) Sdn Bhd
You Contract Engineering & Trading Sdn Bhd

7 November 2016
MHU Sarawak and CIDB signed an MoU on CITP implementation alongside 3 subsidiaries
The Ministry of Housing and Urbanisation Sarawak (MHU Sarawak) and CIDB signed an MoU under CITP to promote sustainable practices, adoption of technology and innovation in construction and development of human capital. Three developers signed the CITP pledges.

Press Release

Housing Development Corporation
Daya Builders Sdn Bhd
Borneo Development Corporation (Sarawak)

2 November 2016
6 Cyberjaya developers signed pledges to quality workmanship
Cyberjaya township was committed to promote high quality workmanship for its development with eight of its main developers signing the pledge on QLASSIC implementation on their projects.

Press Release

Setia Haruman Sdn Bhd
Emkay Group
Ikhasas Sdn Bhd
Paramount Corporation Berhad
Tujuan Gemilang Sdn Bhd

5 September 2016
69 Sabah industry players committed to CITP's four strategic thrusts
69 construction industry players in the Land Below the Wind signed pledges, committing to undertake the 4 CITP thrustsin Kota Kinabalu. They consist of contractors, developers, government agencies and academia.

Press Release

Able Choice Sdn Bhd
Amir Madani Runding Sdn Bhd
Anl Venture Sdn Bhd
Bangkit Energy Sdn Bhd
Binapuri Sdn Bhd
Civiltarget (Sabah) Sdn Bhd
Corak Teguh Sdn Bhd @ High Tech Industries Sdn Bhd
Credit Guarantee Corporation
Dihnar Construction Sdn Bhd
DKC Intermodal Lines Sdn Bhd
Dunggon Jaya Sdn Bhd
Gammerlite Sdn Bhd
Glimex Industry Sdn Bhd
Institute Of Engineers Malaysia
Intan Binayakin Sdn Bhd
Irama Usaha
Jabatan Air Negeri Sabah
Jabatan Kerja Raya
Jabatan Pembangunan Industri & Penyelidikan
Jalinan Enigma Sdn Bhd
Jurutera Sri Perunding Arif Sdn Bhd
Kementerian Pembangunan Sumber Dan Kemajuan Teknologi Maklumat
Kencana Kekal Sdn Bhd
KKD Synergy Sdn Bhd
Krenaga Sdn Bhd
KTI Group
Majlis Daerah Tenom
Majlis Perbandaran Tawau
Masayun Enterprise
Mercutek Sdn Bhd
Min United Builders
MNI Pride Sdn Bhd
National Institute Occupational Safety Health
Pejabat Daerah Beaufort
Pejabat Daerah Kuala Penyu
Pembinaan Azam Jaya Sdn Bhd
Pembinaan Kekal Juta Sdn Bhd
Peri Formwork Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Persatuan Kontraktor Melayu Malaysia (Sabah)
Plusmuda Sdn Bhd
Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor Sabah
Quality Mix Sdn Bhd
Reka Jadi Sdn Bhd
Remajaya Sdn Bhd
Sabah Economic Development Corporation
Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd
Sabah Energy Corporation Sdn Bhd
Sabornco Safety
SBA Consortium Sdn Bhd
Seri Maju Pena Enterprise Sdn Bhd
Sinaland Sdn Bhd
Trillion & Construction Sdn Bhd
Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Universiti Teknologi Mara
Usaha Dewi Sdn Bhd
Vinci Construction
Visaland Sdn Bhd
Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu
Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia
Kinsabina Sdn Bhd
Kinsanuri Sdn Bhd
Association Of Consulting Engineers Malaysia
Sabah Builders Association
Persatuan Kontraktor Melayu Malaysia
Kadazandusun Chamber Of Commerce And Industry
Cement Industries Sdn Bhd

3 March 2016
19 developers pledged to CITP as CIDB Malaysia and Rehda signed a Memorandum of Collaboration
Pledging support to low carbon and sustainable practices under the CITP, 19 developers came forward as Rehda collaborated with CIDB to promote sustainability.

Press Release

Haute Property Sdn Bhd
Bandar Utama City Assets
Sunway South Quay Sdn Bhd
Utama Lodge Sdn Bhd
Damansara Uptown One Sdn Bhd
IJM Land
Grand Merdeka Development Sdn Bhd
Grand Infinite Development Sdn Bhd
Encomas Sdn Bhd
Kota Kelang Development Sdn Bhd
Impiana Impresif Sdn Bhd
SP Setia Berhad
TA First Credit Sdn Bhd
Exquisite Mode Sdn Bhd
Remajaya Sdn Bhd
G Tower Sdn Bhd
Suntrack Raven Sdn Bhd
Country Annexe Sdn Bhd
WCW Technologies Sdn Bhd
Real Estate & Housing Developers’ Association Malaysia (REHDA)

19 October 2015
54 industry leaders took part in CITP pledge signing in Malacca
In tandem with Malacca Green City initiative, 54 construction players came together to be part of CITP’s implementation plan.

Press Release

Politeknik Merlimau Melaka
Syarikat Air Melaka Berhad (SAMB)
Kumpulan Melaka Berhad (KMB)
Perbadanan Kemajuan Tanah Adat Melaka (PERTAM)
The Institution Of Engineers Malaysia – Melaka Branch
Real Estate And Housing Developers Association – Melaka Branch (REHDA-Melaka)
Persatuan Kontraktor Melayu Malaysia (PKMM) Negeri Melaka
Usiss Sdn Bhd
Malacca Building Contractors Association (MBCA)
Jurutera Perunding Spce Sdn Bhd
O & L Jurutera Perunding Sdn Bhd
Ciri Selasih Sdn Bhd
Hatten Group Sdn Bhd
KAJ Development Sdn Bhd
GJH Builders Sdn Bhd
Konsortium Kontraktor Melayu (Melaka) Berhad
Kejuruteraan Asas Jaya Sdn Bhd
Nada Cekal Sdn Bhd
Montane Construction Sdn Bhd
TYT Builders Sdn Bhd
Syntax Valley Sdn Bhd
LPHK Builder Sdn Bhd
Maysign Network Sdn Bhd
Parkland City Sdn Bhd
Patih Villa Sdn Bhd
Lai Pau Construction Sdn Bhd
Premium Maju Sdn Bhd
YKH Home Builder Sdn Bhd
Idea Bagus Enterprise
Earning Base Sdn Bhd
Sealiran Maju Bena Sdn Bhd
Herald Accord Sdn Bhd
Ambang Jitu Tech Sdn Bhd
Tanjung Ratna Sdn Bhd
Atlasinar Sdn Bhd
Qemudi Nekad Resources
Rintiz Rezky (M) Sdn Bhd
Fixmill Enterprise Sdn Bhd
Tasek Haza Engineering & Services Sdn Bhd
Lincah Dinamik Sdn Bhd
SR Puncak Dinamik Sdn Bhd
SASB Maju Enterprise
Kukuh Sama Sdn Bhd
HNH Construction & Services Sdn Bhd
HSA Cartel Freight Management Sdn Bhd
Power Structure Sdn Bhd
Target Heights Sdn Bhd
Paling Yakin Sdn Bhd
CMCS Engineering Specialist Sdn Bhd
MLCL Construction Sdn Bhd
Tan Heng Chew Building Contractor Sdn Bhd
Unitedhome Construction Sdn Bhd
CP Loi Architect
NTQT Sdn Bhd

5 October 2015
23 CIDB management team signed up to implement CITP
3 September 2015
6 MOW Agencies signed CITP Pledges
Leading by example, six agencies under the Ministry of Works (MOW) were the first to come on board to commit to CITP with pledges.

Press Release

Public Works Department
Malaysian Highway Authority
Board of Architects Malaysia
Board of Engineers Malaysia
Board of Quantity Surveyors Malaysia
Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia

23 May 2017