The eCITP is the CITP Dashboard and Monitoring System that was established in 2016 to track and report the CITP implementation progress, qualitatively and quantitatively.

At the end of every quarter, the 13 owners together with their respective officers-in-charge (OICs), will feed the CITP progress of each KPI into the eCITP monitoring system, where it is then assessed. Subsequently, depending on the achievement against the annual targets, the progress of each KPI is calculated and presented in percentage form.

The progress of each CITP KPI is calculated individually. Following this, the progress of the relevant KPIs according to the various categories are then collated and consolidated (averaged) to compare the current progress against the current target.

The categories are:

  1. Overall progress from 2016 until 2020 (target 2020 is 100%)
  2. Overall progress by the 117 KPIs
  3. Overall progress by the 4 thrusts
  4. Overall progress by the 21 initiatives
  5. Overall progress by the 20 IWGs
  6. Overall progress by the 4 sponsors
  7. Overall progress by the 13 owners

The progress is presented in the CITP Dashboard using a traffic light colour code that acts as a quick and efficient indicator.

The eCITP is fully functional and all links on the dashboard are active and accessible to the public. Click here for the progress report of each KPI. eCITP is an invaluable resource that enables ownership, responsibility and transparency in meeting the aspirations of CITP.

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21 Dec 2016