CITP Initiatives

Quality, Safety & Professionalism

Initiative Q1
Increase emphasis on quality and implement quality assessments
Initiative Q2
Improve workplace safety and workers’ amenities
Q2a: Regulate minimum level of construction workers’ amenities
Q2b: Improve level of occupational safety and health at construction site

Initiative Q3
Improve ease of doing business by addressing regulatory constraints
Q3a: Steamline and enhance contractor registration

Q3b: Strengthen One-Stop Centre for all construction permits/approvals

Q3c: Set up tribunal for construction permit dispute resolution
Q3d: Enhance culture and practices by learning from decided construction cases
Initiative Q4
Promote and raise awareness of CITP initiatives
Initiative Q5
Enhance integrity and increase governance

Environmental Sustainability

Initiative E1, E2
E1: Drive innovation in sustainable construction

E2: Drive compliance to environmental sustainability ratings and requirements

Initiative E3, E4, E5
E3: Focus on public projects to lead the charge on sustainable practices

E4: Facilitate industry adoption of sustainable practices

E5: Reduce irresponsible waste during construction


Initiative P1
Continue investment in human capital development in construction
P1a: Streamline construction-related training programmes in Malaysia
P1b: Strengthen reach, effectiveness and comprehensiveness of training

Initiative P2
Enhance control and balance of workforce supply
P2a: Implement regular industry manpower planning
P2b: Introduce mechanisms to raise skills mix for intake of foreign workers

Initiative P3
Accelerate adoption of IBS, mechanization and modern practices
P3a: Drive scale of IBS adoption via public sector projects
P3b: Drive scale of IBS adoption via private sector projects
P3c: Propel IBS supply chain via economic mechanisms

Initiative P4
Roll out technology advantage across project life-cycle
P4a: Facilitate BIM adoption in construction industry via regulations
P4b: Establish reference centre to support the development and adoption of BIM and modern methods

P4c: Implement competency and learning management
Initiative P5
Enhance availability of strategic information via National Construction Industry Information (NCIIC)
P5a: Enhance price and cost information on industry resources

P5b: Enhance awareness and certainty on upcoming construction demand

P5c: Integrate construction related data into National Construction Industry Information Centre (NCIIC)
Initiative P6
Advance SME/Bumiputera capacity and capacity building


Initiative I1
Internationalise construction practices and standards
I1a: Introduce national specification for construction

I1b: Heighten enforcement of compliance to mandatory material standards
I1c: Enhance and expand adoption of MyCESMM
Initiative I2, I3
I2: Strengthen access to financing for Malaysian champions going abroad

I3: Support consortia formation and strengthen overseas market intelligence

Initiative I4
Intensify contractor’s capacity and capability building
Initiative I5
Elevate the use of Malaysian construction resources in local and overseas projects
This is a new-entry initiative. More information to follow.
23 May 2017